City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town w/ Amit Moshe Pandemonium


Come try out the City of Mist RPG, run by the creator, Amit Moshe!

Hit the rainy streets of City of Mist RPG as gritty detectives and crooks imbued with the power of your favorite myths and legends. Investigate strange cases and confront myth-powered villains in a neo-noir urban fantasy adventure. In this story arc from City of Mist’s upcoming module book, Nights of Payne Town, emotions run high and gunshots wound deep as a hidden player is threatening to tear apart the very social fabric of the City, turning its citizens against one another. Will your crew solve the case before the City devours itself? And what will they have to sacrifice in the process?

City of Mist RPG is an award-winning game from Son of Oak Game Studio. Its descriptive tag-based system is adapted to players new to RPGs as well as veterans and emphasizes creativity, story, and cinematic flair over numbers and grids. Character development revolves around hard choices and the balance between the ordinary and the legendary within each character.
This game requires no prior experience with City of Mist or with role-playing games. You are not required to attend all sessions.