Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st ed. Round Table Games


September 3, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Advanced D&D 1st edition

Our current adventure is Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Terror by night! The village of Orlane is dying. Once a small and thriving community, Orlane has become a maze of locked doors and frightened faces. Strangers are shunned, trade has withered. Rumors flourish, growing wilder with each retelling. Terrified peasants flee their homes, abandoning their farms with no explanation. Others simply disappear…

No one seems to know the cause of the decay – why are there no clues? Who skulks through the twisted shadows of the night? Who or what is behind the doom that has overtaken the village? It will take a brave and skillful band of adventurers to solve the dark riddle of Orlane!

Experience is not necessary and we’ll teach you to play like they did in Stranger Things. Possibly with fewer Demogorgons.

What does it cost? $10 per session OR a minimum $15 purchase in the store the day of the adventure. Gift cards and lay-aways do not count but pre-paid pre-orders do. Keep in mind many events have a table cap and if you do not preregister a space is not guaranteed.

What do you get? 4+ hours of gaming entertainment/ education, Nobility leaderboard points and the MVP earns 250 RTG gold

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