Aces & Operatives Adventure Pub

ACES & OPERATIVES: BOSTON- A Spy vs Spy Team Social Adventure

Incantrix Productions, a leading designer and producer of interactive experiences in New England present The Game Theatre‘s Aces & Operatives — an interactive espionage adventure where you will be cast into a renowned spy agency (such as British MI6 or American CIA), or be secretly cast into a secret evil organization, to become an “international person of mystery” for one night only! Set in the 20th Century the event is hosted at exclusive locations worldwide (from New York City to London) the Incantrix team now brings the event to Boston! In this social adventure you (just like any good spy) will connect with others to learn who to trust (and who not to). The event also features classic casino gaming. Aces & Operatives creates a heated spy vs. spy experience for everyone!

As a role-play event Aces & Operatives will have you live out your spy role! You can act out your character in any way you like and can interact with Game Directors while you pursue your own unique objectives. You will be immersed in secret team game where your agency or organization will work together for a common goal: just like any good 20th Century spy novel, to save (or take over) the world!

Central to the experience are “hidden roles” — a good spy trusts no one at the start. Each agency team will consist mostly of ‘Aces’, whose goal will be to protect the world from evil organizations. However, within each team will also be secret ‘Operatives’ who appear and act like Aces but who are truly evil infiltrators. If you are an Operative you will secretly possess the desire for world domination and will seek to work with your hidden contacts before the Aces can stop you. Meanwhile, if you are an Ace you will feverishly socialize to locate the Operatives before it’s too late! If an Ace can you identify the Operatives and fulfill your mission before it’s too late? If you an Operative will you be able to deceive everyone to make your organization’s maniacal plans come true? This is not your typical casino and cocktails night…

Be prepared to decide the fate of the world by the decisions you make and the other guests you choose to trust!

Video from a London run of this game:

The Practical:
Doors 7:00 pm, social game runs 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Each player will be cast with a role and be placed on an spy agency team
Players can test their skills are classic card gaming (poker, blackjack)
Passed hour d’oeuvres with full cash bar and dinning menu available
Location: Adventure Pup 190 Mass Ave Arlington, MA 02474